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  • Raene


    Recovering perfectionist creating music.

  • Malcolmbrightonofficial


  • Faith Adekogbe

    Faith Adekogbe

    I write about anything and everything, while knowing nothing…

  • Brian Westland

    Brian Westland

    I’m new to Medium. I’m a pop music blogger and writer on music, film and hockey. I’ve won awards… tshirts…for eating chicken wings and poutine.

  • Lymari Montijo

    Lymari Montijo

    Computer Science student at UTSA. Civil Engineer UPR RUM 2012 EIT. Married to @lambdaperf

  • Divesh Kumar

    Divesh Kumar

    20 years old big fan of hip-hop rap music

  • Sharon Murphy

    Sharon Murphy

    Was in the music industry, now an Arts & Health specialist. I sing for the good of my health and the health of others. Co-founder of Embrace Music Ireland.

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